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CSASS Statement on Recent Comments From the PCC

CSASS was disappointed to read recent comments made by Police and Crime Commissioner John Dwyer about the length of skirts of school children in relation to abuse faced by women and girls. As a support service for survivors of sexual violence, we know unequivocally, that clothing is meaningless when it comes to male violence against women and girls. 

In challenging the causes of sexual violence, CSASS works with many school children. Young women tell us how often they hear this kind of message from men, boys and the media, and how sexist comments affect them.  We work hard to undo the damage caused. No girl should be considering the likelihood of male abuse when choosing clothes to wear to school. Everyone must feel confident and free to live without the threat of abuse and sexual harassment. This comes by changing attitudes, not changing the clothes that people wear. 

We hold our elected leaders, particularly those responsible for delivering safe communities, to a high standard.  We need our leaders to consistently challenge the root causes of sexual violence, not add to the problem.

The PCC has acknowledged the damage these comments will cause, and apologised, as we would expect.  We look forward to working with the PCC in future, to create communities where young women can flourish, safe from the fear and reality of sexual violence, and the misogyny behind it.