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Campaign with us

How we campaign

CSASS campaigns to challenge attitudes and behaviour leading to sexual violence in Chester and the surrounding area. We raise awareness of sexual violence and the support available for survivors.

Campaigns to reduce stigma

Taboos and myths surrounding rape and sexual abuse prevent people from coming forward to access our support – this makes it really hard for us to begin conversations with survivors. 

We try to counteract rape culture by organising events to increase the visibility and reduce the stigma. We bring the issues and impact of sexual abuse into the consciousness of the local community. The #MeToo movement has helped support this nationally too.

Campaigns to promote self-care

Another way to tackle the effects of sexual violence is by creating a culture of nurture and self-care, for the whole community. This enables people to take care of themselves and understand how to pass on these skills to others. In a world where sexual violence is normalised and minimised, we help people be kind to themselves. 

Campaigns to reach survivors

We convey supportive messages directly to survivors, and their friends and families. We use all sorts of ways to do this including putting stickers and posters on toilet doors, beer mats in pubs, and distributing leaflets and postcards.

Other campaign events we’ve held have been ‘Short Skirts Don’t Cause Rape’ and a CSASS flash mob in the city centre, generating wider coverage though social media.

We raise awareness in many ways. And we could really do with your help, if you have a bit of time to help us campaign.

If you would like to help us, please contact us on and we can tell you all about how you can help. 

University students – if you’re a member of a university, you can apply for a donation from your student union, or set up an event on campus to support us. If you need any help please get in touch with us.