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For Researchers

Information For Researchers

At CSASS, as a feminist and survivor-led organisation, our main priority is supporting the survivors who reach out to us, and we need to prioritise our time to best support survivors. We occasionally get requests from researchers for help with their research. While creating awareness around sexual violence is a value of ours, this may require time we don’t have. Because of this, we may choose to not participate in your research if it does not directly benefit our service.

If you, as a researcher, believe a collaboration between your work and CSASS would be mutually beneficial, then please reach out with a short and accessible request. Explain what would be expected of us and how this would benefit survivors.

Here are some suggestions on ways to contribute to our service

  • Write the request in an accessible language
  • Clearly outline the impact the collaboration will have on survivors in Chester
  • Make a donation, either to the organisation or to individuals
  • Organize a fundraiser for CSASS
  • Offer to share your research in a way that is relevant to us