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Support for men

Our team of specialist staff are trained in working with men who have been raped or sexually abused.

While CSASS focuses on the needs and rights of women, men also experience sexual abuse. The impact of sexual violence on the lives of men is devastating. We can help you.

CSASS offer inclusive spaces, days and services which welcome men and survivors of any gender, including trans and non-binary survivors. Our equality policy (see link at the bottom of the page) explains a bit more about inclusive spaces alongside women-only spaces at CSASS. We ask everyone at CSASS to work together to remove barriers, and create spaces and services that feel safe and welcoming for women, men and survivors of all genders. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Men’s experience of rape or sexual assault

1 in 6 men have been targets of rape or sexual assault.

Adults who have been raped often choose not to talk about the offences, let alone report them. For lots of reasons, men are more likely to keep it a secret than women. 

Research shows some common effects men might experience are thoughts and feelings of anger, shame, guilt, numbness, or flashbacks, nightmares, and physical and mental health problems.

Men can feel trapped and isolated by misinformation about male sexual abuse and rape, like the myth that ‘men can’t be raped’, and fears that sexual abuse can turn you into an abuser. SurvivorsUK has an excellent page where you can read about the myths and realities of male sexual abuse.

How CSASS can help you

Our team of specialist staff have had training to support men who have been raped or sexually abused. 

  • We offer a range of services including our support line, counselling and group activities
  • We offer counselling with male or female counsellors
  • There are lots of ways to contact us to have a chat, organise counselling or send us an enquiry 
  • Learning more about sexual abuse might help you understand a bit more about it 
  • When we chat to you, we can suggest other organisations who might be able to help you too
  • You can visit us or see one of our counsellors – we are based in Chester city centre in an easily accessible and discrete location.

How others can help you

  • A useful guide for men who have been sexually abused – produced by Survivors West Yorkshire (SWP)
  • Safeline’s National Male Survivor Helpline: 0808 800 5005
  • Survivors UK specifically support all male survivors. There is a particularly useful web page on self-help.

Here are some additional resources and links you might find useful.