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Who we help

We support any survivor aged 18+ years

Who we help

We support any adult who has experienced any form of rape, sexual abuse or sexual violence at any time in their lives. We also support families, friends, partners, and professionals affected by sexual abuse.

We are all absolutely committed to providing a safe, supportive space in which individuals feel welcomed and enabled to participate in whatever way feels most appropriate to them.

Our core work is with women survivors, and because of this, we provide women-only space on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, and our staff are all women too. We provide the same level of support and understanding to men.

What we offer

We provide free independent counselling. If you need this, we can help you.

We are an empowering, supportive community. A community that gives everyone the opportunity to take part in regular group activities, exciting events, campaigns, and raise awareness of CSASS locally. If you’d like to join us please: