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CSASS is an anti-racist organisation.

We recognise that racism is present within each of us and in our actions.  This is true for us as individuals, as a community, and for the systems and structures that surround and support us.

Racism causes (and has caused) harm and trauma to individuals and communities that is often significant, devastating and long-lasting.  Racism can show up as racial abuse, micro-aggressions, structural discrimination and in many other ways.   Race is a protected characteristic under the Equality act. We are mindful of both direct and indirect discrimination.  Racism intersects with other forms of oppression, creating additional trauma for survivors, women, gender-non-conforming people, people with disabilities and others. CSASS acknowledges racism as impacting a wide range of people and identities, including people of colour, the global majority, Black and Brown people, and also people from religious and faith communities, travellers, linguistic minorities and so on.

Anti-racism means an active and constant process of recognising, challenging and dismantling racism wherever we encounter it, including in ourselves and in our organisation.

CSASS is developing specific policy, training, communications, reporting and influencing work, to help us in our anti-racist journey.  We aim to be accountable to our stakeholders, clients, membership and community.  A good place to hear about this work, and ask any questions, is at our AGM.