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Corporate sponsorship

Help build a safer community for your customers, employees, and all of us in Chester and beyond.

Corporate sponsorship with CSASS makes it possible for us to support local survivors, and educate the public about the impact and effects of sexual violence.

We consider this sponsorship a partnership, because we all benefit from the relationship.

How you benefit

A sponsorship is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to partner with the leading charity in Chester that works to prevent abuse, and heal, support and empower those affected by sexual violence. We build a safer community for your customers and employees.

We’ll work closely with you to convey the impact of your support on creating a safe, healthy, more equitable community for all. We’ll ensure our voice is heard in our community, together.

How we benefit

Corporate sponsorship allows us to carry out all the amazing work we do – from funding training for our support line volunteers, to enabling our annual fundraisers, supporting special outreach events and, most importantly, to empower more survivors in our community.

Next steps

If your company would like to be a part of the solution, to build a safer community for your employees and customers, please contact for information on how to become a corporate partner.

Our sponsors

Our lovely sponsors PRS Telecom kindly provide us with all our telecomms services for FREE! This makes a huge difference to how we can operate, and helps keep operational costs down.