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Fancy fundraising?

We’re always extremely grateful to any individuals and groups of supporters who are willing to raise money for our vital work.

You can take part in our events, or run your own. This could be through events like marathons or shorter races, and other physical challenges, auctions and raffles, scary feats and sponsored silences. 

To ensure your fundraising efforts get maximum exposure and raise as many donations as possible, you can set up your event on our JustGiving page and click on ‘Fundraise for us’ to get started. Then share the link among your friends, supporters and networks, and us!

If you need a hand getting started, then just drop us a line at

How do I get the money to you? 

  • If you have set up your event on our JustGiving page the money will automatically be transferred to us
  • If you have the money to transfer you can also do this on our JustGiving page (click ‘Donate’).
  • For other ways to send us the money you’ve kindly raised for us, drop us a line at

What promotional support can you give me?

If you contact us with links to your events we’ll happily help you publicise it on social media. We’re also here for advice to help your event go smoothly. 

We have publicity materials available to distribute including posters, leaflets and business cards. We have t-shirts, balloons and collection buckets you can borrow too.

I am a business

Thanks for showing an interest. Please visit our corporate sponsorship page for more information on how your business could work with our organisation. Or if you have large-scale or corporate fundraising ideas, please email 

If you need some ideas, previous fundraising events have included:

  • Music for the Soul’ gig at Alexander’s, featuring Alabaster Queen, Berni Lee and Kathryn Graham
  • Running Chester Marathon, that was tough!
  • Doing a sponsored walk up a Welsh mountain
  • Sponsored ‘Balloon Pop’ – a Chester group filled a room with balloons, and students bought a ticket to pop as many balloons as they could in 1 minute! Some balloons had little prizes inside them.
  • Christmas Bingo – fun for all the family! 
  • Photoshoots – some friends persuaded a professional photographer to donate their time. They posed away and then donated the money they would have paid for the photos to CSASS!