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Support for women

As a feminist organisation, we recognise that a woman survivor is never to blame for being abused.

CSASS is a women-only space on 3 days a week (Monday, Tuesday and Friday), providing specialist support for women survivors. When you contact us, it will always be a woman on the other end of the phone or reading your email. We know this is what you might need to feel safe and understood.

Women’s experience of rape or sexual assault

1 in 4 women are survivors of rape or sexual assault. 

If you have experienced sexual abuse the effects can be devastating and long-lasting. Everyone experiences it differently. 

Common effects women experience are thoughts and feelings of fear and anxiety, self-blame, guilt, shame, numbness, or flashbacks, nightmares, and physical and mental health problems. Relationships can suffer, and social situations are avoided.

You may be physically hurt, suffering emotional difficulties and feeling overwhelmed.  You may not know who to turn to for support. You may want to report the crime against you but don’t know where to start. In these situations, it’s important that you are able to reach out for help, to someone you can trust.

How CSASS can help you

Well done for getting this far. We really want to help you. 

  • We offer a range of services including our support line, counselling and group activities
  • There are lots of ways to contact us to have a chat, organise counselling or send us an enquiry 
  • Learning more about sexual abuse might help you understand a bit more about it
  • When we chat to you, we can suggest other organisations who might be able to help you too.
  • You can visit us or see one of our counsellors – we are based in Chester city centre in an easily accessible and discrete location.

How others can help you

Here are some additional resources and links you might find useful.