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CSASS has been nominated for the Tesco community grant

CSASS has been nominated for the Tesco community grant

CSASS has recently been nominated for the Tesco community grant, a customer vote allowing people to easily support charities and non-profit organisations. The project Tesco is giving support towards is our ‘Prevention in schools’ project, which gives young people a chance to learn and speak out about sexual violence. CSASS is holding workshops and starting conversations at several local schools, and the funding would go towards furthering this work, allowing young people to have a voice in an important topic.

You can show support to CSASS by voting for our charity after making a purchase at one of the Tesco stores surrounding the Chester area. Voting will start the first week of October and end in January 2023. Your purchase can be of any size and amount if it is at one of the affiliated Tesco stores. After making your purchase you will be given a token, allowing you to choose the charity you would like to support, CSASS will be an option at all stores listed below.

You can donate to CSASS though several different stores in the local area:

Chester Superstore – CH1 3JS

Chester Broughton Ext – CH4 0DP

Chester Sealand Road – CH1 4NT

Delamere St Chester Exp – CH1 4DS

Chester Weston Exp – CH2 1QL

Chester Pepper St Exp – CH1 1TN

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