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We need more pockets!

Our excellent friend and comedian Kate McCabe supported us at out AGM again this year, donating her time to give the rest of us a much-needed laugh.

If you were there and enjoyed it, or if you weren’t there and are gutted you missed out, you can find out about upcoming gigs here:

The important feminist issue of pockets was raised by Kate.  It’s something we feel very strongly about here at CSASS.  We like a pocket.  We don’t like items of clothing that could use a pocket, not having a pocket. We like being able to carry our own stuff and have our hands free.  We have many feminist pocket-related stories (like a bride loudly announcing ‘IT HAS POCKETS!’ when complimented on her dress, or the one about the blue babygro that had a pocket while the pink one didn’t… Don’t get us started.) Anyway, if you have any more pocket-related stories Kate would love to hear them, and they may even make it into her next stand-up act…

Please follow Kate on socials, and send pocket stories to:

We’d also love to see Kate over here in Chester more often, she’s so good . . . If you agree, let our friends know at and at

And if they book Kate into their fabulous programmes, you can book tickets for another great evening out!