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CSASS ‘People Matter’ Project

Trustees launched the People Matter project in June this year. Throughout the year, trustees will be asking people at CSASS two questions:

What are our shared values? And how do we look after each other, so that all feel welcome and safe?

Trustees will be visiting CSASS people where they are, and want to hear from supporters and members too.

We’ve already made a start… Our first workshop included thoughtful reflections on boundaries, what safety means to different people, and the difference between personal and shared values. Participants said; “The meeting sparked a lively discussion about how the values in the current world relate to how CSASS is working with people day to day.”

Current clients and volunteers can look forward to visits to our Volunteer Forum on Sept 23rd ( for those on Facebook) or Saturday Social on Oct 1st.

“Speaking directly to clients, and people working directly with clients as well as collecting information from questionnaires makes sense for an organisation like CSASS”

Not everyone will be able to get to an in-person or zoom event, or you might have more ideas to contribute! So we’ve got an (anonymous) online questionnaire too, here:

We’d love to hear from you!