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Meet the Volunteers

Volunteer Counsellor (and now CSASS Supportline Lead) Sarah Allen

Sarah has been volunteering with CSASS as a Counsellor since 2018. She has recently taken on the role of Support Line Lead.  We asked her a few questions…

Age: ​53

Role: Volunteer/Trainee Counsellor and Support Line Lead

Start date? (if you can remember!): Role: 24/08/2020.. Volunteer June 2018..  Trainee Counsellor 21/08/2019

Favourite type of cake: Butterfly/Fairy cakes… 

What made you want to work for CSASS? Heard about the amazing work you do through Alli, another CSASS Volunteer.

As you have been volunteering with CSASS, what has been your best experience? How everyone openly shares their experiences, allowing others to learn the best ways to support our clients. 

Please share something you have learned, whilst working with CSASS: I was unaware of the difficulty in counselling individuals with hearing impairments which really provided food for thought.

What do you do outside working for CSASS? Outside of CSASS I volunteer as a trainee counsellor at HealthBox and am a volunteer NHS responder. I work in the Aviation and Aerospace Industry as an admin assistant.  Also, I am currently working towards completion of my assignments!

Top self-care tip during the Pandemic:  Keep away from the fridge!! 🙂 Or experiencing nature at its best…