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If you’d like a confidential chat, our supportline or LiveChat service might be a good place to start.  You can connect with a trained, friendly volunteer who can simply listen and offer emotional support or information. This isn’t the same as counselling, but many survivors find it really helpful. All supportline workers are women (more info here.) We will listen, we will believe you, and we won’t judge you.  We won’t tell you what to do or put pressure on you to do anything you aren’t comfortable or ready to do.

Supportline and LiveChat are available Monday and Wednesday from 6pm – 8pm. If we have to close for an evening, it will usually be advertised on our social media

We are here for adult survivors of sexual violence and abuse.  We will also support friends, family and professionals affected by sexual violence, usually because you are supporting a survivor directly yourself.

Supportline You can call us on 0808 284 0484

LiveChat You can click on the yellow LiveChat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

 ‘It’s really helpful to be able to just get it out, stop it going round your head.  You can just be typing when you’re on the bus, and no-one knows’

  • To keep your chat confidential, it’s important you choose End Chat from the menu, and then close your browser window, once you’ve finished.
  • We can manage a limited number of chats at a time, so you may need to wait for a supportline worker to become available. 
  • If there isn’t anyone available at the moment, do try again in a short while.  If you’re looking for support outside our LiveChat support hours, you could try RCEW.
  • If there is a problem with the connection, such as the signal dropping out, a message will pop up to let you know we’re having trouble.  You are welcome to try and start another chat with us.
  • The service is anonymous, and we don’t have access to any information about you, unless you choose to tell us directly.  We don’t keep transcripts of conversations.  We won’t keep a record any personal information unless you tell us that’s what you want.
  • If you choose to share personal information with us (eg if you are interested in counselling) we will look after it according to our data protection policy.
  • We’ll usually encourage you to bring a chat to a close after 20 minutes or so.
  • If we don’t hear from you for 5 minutes, we may close the chat down.  It’s important that you also choose End Call from the menu and close your browser window, to keep the chat confidential at your end too.

We will ensure our Supportline and LiveChat service is a safe experience for callers, and for our supportline workers. We won’t tolerate abusive behaviour towards supportline workers.

We want to give everyone using our Supportline and LiveChat service the best possible experience. You can give us feedback to help us achieve this or make a complaint if you’re unhappy.