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Chester Business Club Annual Charity Walk – Sign Up Now!

How would you like to do a sponsored walk to raise money for CSASS? Everyone and their pet are welcome (there’s a prize for the best behaved dog)! We know you do!

You can get bacon butties, Mars bars and Gin and Tonic (vegetarian and alcohol-free options available!), whilst raising money for CSASS?! On the 15th of September 2024, Chester Business Club are holding their annual Charity Walk. It starts and ends at the Chester Racecourse for a 6-mile route. Registration starts from 10.15am and the walk begins at 11am.

Click on the link below to sign up now!

Here are three easy steps to walk you through it:

Step 1: Enter the amount of tickets per person (I got two tickets as my boyfriend is doing the walk with me; make sure to bring your partner, colleagues, family and friends. This is something you can do to help support survivors. The more the merrier!).

Step 2: Provide them with your details. (Enter the details for each walker you are signing up)

Step 3: Make sure to select ‘My own Charity choice’ and type in ‘CSASS’ in the box below. I know we are in the nominated charity section, but selecting that box would split the money you raise for CSASS between all the listed charities. Once you’ve done this you just need to confirm your contact preferences and you’re done!

Make sure to put the 15th  of September into your diary! Now, you just need to start fundraising! If you’d like to use JustGiving – we’ve even given you a step by step instruction on how to set that up too.

Step 1: If you are already signed up to JustGiving, head to the website to log in. If you’re not, here is the link to create your account. Once you’re signed up and logged in – head to the CSASS page.

Step 2: Click ‘Fundraise for us’ in the box ‘About Chester Sexual Abuse Support Service’.

Step 3: Select whether you’re fundraising in memory of someone.

Step 4: Click ‘I’m taking part in an event’.

Step 5: Click ‘Create your own activity’ (the blue link at the bottom).

Step 6: Enter these details below.

Step 7: Enter how much you would like to raise (some people raise £20, some raise £50, some raise £150 and some manage to raise £1000. It isn’t a competition – whatever you can raise, no matter how small, is truly valued and helpful at CSASS. We appreciate you wanting to fundraise, regardless of any amount!).

Step 8: Enter a few details on what you’re doing and why you’re supporting CSASS. For some ideas, below is what I wrote. You want it to sound personal and persuasive to get the most money! Also, include the fact that people should sign up to the walk as well as donate. This will provide us with a large turn out and a good chance of raising an incredible amount of money and awareness for CSASS!

Step 9: If you want to, add a picture of yourself/the people doing the walk!

Step 10: Congratulations! You can launch your fundraiser!

Step 11: Click Share to share to any of your social media to get everyone involved! I shared this to my Facebook but also sent it privately to my family to encourage them to sponsor us. Not everyone will be able to donate, it’s important to emphasize when you’re sharing your posts other things people can do to support us: sign up for the walk themselves, share your post and to follow CSASS’s account and share our posts. This will allow us to reach more survivors.

If you’ve gotten this far, we thank you so very much for supporting CSASS! Rain or shine, we can’t wait to see you all there!