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We asked Susan about being a volunteer with CSASS.

Hi Susan, explain why you originally chose to volunteer with CSASS?
I originally chose to volunteer for CSASS as part of my work based learning module at The University of Chester. I chose CSASS because I wanted to know more about the charity sector, and I wanted to gain experience within mental health support. I am also very passionate about raising awareness for sexual violence, and volunteering at CSASS would give me that opportunity.

How helpful did you find the training and induction for your volunteering?
The training was very helpful. I was given a good mix of information and statistics, as well as more applicable skills and scenarios. I feel it gave me a realistic view of what the volunteering would be like, and I felt prepared to work the helpline and possible outreach events. I particularly liked the roleplay and case studies, as it gave the opportunity to go through scenarios how they might actually happen during a phone call, and it let me use the training I had been given in a fake scenario before I started taking actual phone calls.

What have been the positive aspects of being a volunteer?
I found them really useful as some aspects of the volunteering, particularly the helpline, can be discussed with people outside CSASS. It gave me a platform to discuss volunteering for CSASS with people who were doing the same. IT has also been useful to be able to meet other volunteers during these meetings.

How well has the role you volunteered for live up to your expectations?
The volunteering has been everything I expected and more. As this has been the first charity I have volunteered for, I was not sure what to expect, especially in the office volunteer part of my volunteering. However, I have had a very positive experience and I haven’t felt that anything was lacking.
Thank you for volunteering with CSASS and we are pleased you have had such a positive experience.