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A message from our chair . . .

Dear friends of CSASS – survivors, volunteers, freelancers, staff and fellow Trustees,

After some 5½ years’ involvement with CSASS as a board member, Secretary and, for 3 years, Chair, I feel the time is right for me to stand down, to make way for fresh ideas, and to allow me to tend to some personal demands.  I have very much enjoyed my involvement with the charity and I am proud of the difference CSASS is able to make.  It has been a challenging time for everyone, and CSASS is no exception, but despite the challenges we have thrived, increased our income and staff and volunteer base, and been able to meet the growing demand for our services supporting survivors of rape and sexual abuse, alongside raising awareness of the causes of sexual violence. 

The role of chair of the board of trustees of CSASS is a tremendously rewarding one and by far the most important element of the role of Chair is a commitment to the core purpose of CSASS, pursuing the shared vision for its future, and the creation and maintenance of a working environment, which enables everyone to play to their strengths, taking responsibility for their individual contributions, so that the sum, which is CSASS and its positive impact, is far greater than its parts.  I hope I have contributed positively.  I believe as I leave CSASS it is in a strong position to face the future, and I know I leave it in committed and capable hands.

I dearly wish we lived in a world where an organisation such as CSASS did not need to exist, but I fear that is still a long way off.  So, until then we must redouble our efforts to raise awareness of the insidious and invidious attitudes, words and actions that creep through our society, and result directly, and indirectly, in deep rooted emotional, mental and physical harm to so many people.  We must find the courage to challenge such behaviour and educate for its removal, whilst striving to provide and maintain quality support for survivors.

You, we, each play an integral role in enabling CSASS to do these things, and we can be proud that it does them well!  Thank you for being part of CSASS, and allowing me to share the endeavour with you.  My very best wishes to you personally, and to CSASS going forward.

Chris Mann

Outgoing Chair 2019-2022