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Looking for a different kind of support?

CSASS has a range of different services for survivors available. If you are waiting for counselling, or have finished counselling – or if counselling is just not for you at the moment, there are other kinds of support that you can try. You’ll always be working with specialist workers, and be amongst people who understand.

Saturday Social is a space where women survivors can meet up to chat, in a supportive safe space.  We exchange wellbeing tips and attempt a little creative craft work. The kettle is on, and survivors often find meeting other women with similar experiences very empowering. 

“I usually have to hide or deny what has happened to me and that is really painful. It has prevented me moving on with my life, but going to Saturday Social with other survivors has allowed me to acknowledge to myself what I have been through, and there is real power in feeling validated, accepted and supported. CSASS has played a significant role in saving my life.”  Survivor 2021 

The group meet once a month, usually the first Saturday, 10:30-12:30.

The next upcoming dates are Saturday 2nd April and 7th May.

If coming in person is difficult, we also have a Zoom link, which for some survivors has been helpful.  

“Definitely try it, it’s safe and don’t need camera on until you build confidence or feel ready to join in.” Survivor 2021

(please see our Equality Policy)

Walk and Talk is an opportunity to get out into the fresh air.  Walks are held in local parks in small, discreet groups.  We generally keep to footpaths, and always consider the best clothes for the weather.  We can talk about anything, but often it is a release to chat about the week and take mindful notice of our surroundings.  Walks are lead and accompanied by CSASS team members. The next walks will be Saturday 19th March 1-2pm, Saturday 30th April 2-3pm and Friday/Saturday 20/21 May (dates and locations to be confirmed)

If groups aren’t your thing, then do call our Supportline on a Monday or Wednesday evening, 6 – 8pm.  The supportline team are a lovely bunch, experienced and ready to listen.  It can be hard to talk about your experience to close friends and family, but CSASS are here for you, and we will believe you.

 0808 2840484

We also have a LiveChat service that runs at the same time as Supportline – just pop on to our website between 6 and 8pm Mon and Wed.  It’s a great way to get some support if you aren’t ready to talk, or if it’s hard to find confidential space where you won’t be overheard.

For more details, or to find out more about CSASS groups and services, please contact  07807 724 594 (work mobile)