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Covid safety update . . .

We have been changing things a little here at CSASS. We’ve read up on the latest government guidance and keep an eye on local Covid rates. Staff and volunteers have been consulted, and more people are now feeling safe enough to work together in the office and smaller counselling room. 

You can download the updated COVID 19 Risk Assessment here. We’ve summarised some of the main points below:

  • On-line/telephone counselling sessions (in or out of the centre), Supportline and LiveChat, blended or outdoor groupwork and home working/volunteering are all available. Our service manager gives all clients a choice of where they would prefer to receive support. We hope options are helpful where travel poses a higher risk than individuals are comfortable with. 
  • We maintain social distancing good practice and good hand hygiene in the centre.  Everyone is using face coverings in public areas, and on anyone’s request in the office/counselling room. We’re keeping spaces ventilated with windows and doors open, where confidentiality is possible.
  • To make it easy to comply, we make hand sanitiser available and have arranged furniture to support social distancing. We provide face coverings and spare Covid tests in case people have forgotten theirs.  Limiting numbers also helps, for example only three people are in the office at a time, or two in the counselling room.
  • Our team reassure everyone to be open about exposure to Covid, including close contacts, or symptoms. Clients aren’t penalised for missed sessions due to isolating, for example.  We will contact anyone potentially exposed to Covid at CSASS, but will not pass on personal information to Test and Trace without consent. 
  • Surfaces and touchpoints are cleaned between meetings and between individual clients. We carry out a full room clean every day, and a thorough cleaning protocol following any Covid cases too.
  • We are encouraging anyone coming into the office to test regularly, to follow up any positives promptly and follow NHS guidance.  CSASS workers won’t return to the office until this guidance permits. We’ve encouraged everyone to get vaccinated and to make use of the NHS app/QR code for the building too.
  • We don’t share computers and telephones without cleaning. We provide enough groupwork equipment (paper, scissors, glue) for one each, so items are not shared and are cleaned after use.
  • For small groups, we are making time for discussion (as a group, and with individual clients) to ensure needs are expressed, and that all members are able to adhere to rules and respect each other’s needs and safety.
  • Staff and volunteers hold regular meetings, supporting one another and reducing isolation. People are also using a variety of ways to communicate – like zoom and WhatsApp as well as small face to face meetings.
    Our office manager is timetabling support work to make sure there is immediate help available from colleagues by phone. CSASS provides workers with regular supervision, and access to our Employment Assistance programme. Individual worker Risk Assessments cover each person’s working arrangements, to ensure mental and physical health is supported.

We hope this is reassuring.  Do get in touch if you have any questions or concerns on or 01244 307 499.