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Join our #justwalkinghome craftivist campaign

In memory of Sarah Everard, who was killed when she was just walking home, and all other women and girls killed this year.

Create a mini-banner at home, and fix it up out in public, perhaps in a place where you have not felt safe when you were walking home at night.

Craftivist mini-banners are traditionally embroidered, as a gentle, heartfelt way to highlight an important and difficult issue.  You can use whatever materials feel right to you though – card and felt-tips, glue and applique, or even crochet for the ultimate challenge!  Ideas and suggested instructions are above or can be downloaded here, or you can find more inspiration and background here:

Include the campaign message #justwalkinghome, and an image of footprints, and any other details or images that are important to you.  If you’ve used paper/card, we can laminate it for you if you like, so it’ll last a bit longer (in our unpredictable weather!) – just let us know.


As well as a way of remembering the names of women and girls killed as a result of male violence, our campaign will highlight places in our city where we have felt unsafe.  We hope this will be a reminder of how often women feel unsafe, even in a beautiful welcoming city like Chester, raising awareness and challenging the causes of sexual and gender-based violence.  It will also help other women feel less alone.

What else can you do?

#justwalkinghome mini-banners will be appearing at the CSASS AGM (8th June 2021, contact if you’d like to attend).  Some banners will be made with time and thought before hand, and others made with energy and passion on the night!  Please bring yours along.

Send us a picture of your mini-banner and we can feature it on our social media.

We’re also taking part in the Chester Women’s March on July 3rd

You might like to put up your mini-banner on the city centre route on that weekend too.  It could be a way for your voice to be heard if joining the march isn’t quite your thing.  Or why not do both?

Share the campaign with friends and family, and encourage others to take part too.