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Empowering Women Through Dance

Since March, CSASS have been keen to continue the work and projects. Zoom became the new way to work closely as everyone was put into Lock Down, due to Covid-19.  

The dance project with Fallen Angels Dance Theatre, moved from the Storyhouse to a new virtual reality, meeting every Wednesday afternoon for a couple of hours. We practised mindfulness, guided meditation, danced and created pieces which we improvised or recorded to share on Facebook.  The group has ebbed and flowed, with everyone finding different challenges or moments which shared the strength of the group.  

“Being able to express myself through movement is very freeing and stops me from bottling things up. My mood is ALWAYS improved so if I am feeling depressed or anxious, I try to remember this and so will put on some music and just dance around the living room to release some natural endorphins! When I dance I am very present in that moment and all the negativity I may have felt beforehand is gone.

“The support and kindness of the other members is invaluable and has helped me to build trust and confidence. The physical aspects have helped my muscle control and flexibility and definitely improved my breathing.”  – Diane 

The project is now planned to be going back into the Garret Theatre in September with a final photo-shoot with professional photographer Kat Hannon.