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A Tribute to Teresa

CSASS trustee and counsellor, Teresa Brady, passed away earlier this year.  Teresa was a wise, compassionate, experienced and much loved volunteer counsellor at CSASS for many years.  She also contributed in so many other ways to CSASS, attending our vision days, helping with policy development and offering guidance and support to staff through some challenging situations.  Teresa always kept survivors at the forefront of our minds, even when considering pages of budgets or accounts, recognising that each person is an individual with their own needs and story, deserving of our support.  Teresa was especially valued as a professional colleague by our counsellors, listening carefully to concerns and sharing her insight and experience.

A piece of artwork created as a thank you gift by one of Teresa’s clients

Teresa trained as a counsellor later in life and continued to read, train and think about her work, taking great interest in new ideas or understanding.  She would often encourage us to read an article she’d come across, and was keen on CSASS providing books and resources for counsellors to continue to develop their practice.  Teresa was above all loved by the survivors she cared for.  Some of the most heartfelt feedback (and generous gifts) we have received in the office have come from Teresa’s clients, who valued her consistency and compassion.   This beautiful image was made by a client, and describes the healing relationship that the survivor experienced working with Teresa, and the lasting difference Teresa made to her life. 

We are grateful for everything Teresa brought to us, and we miss her.