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Meet the Volunteers







Start date? (if you can remember!)

Approx 2017

Favourite type of cake: 


What made you want to volunteer for CSASS?

CSASS is a very pro-active, understanding, supportive and the work it achieves is outstanding

What has been your best experience?   

Being a counsellor and helping someone from a desperate and painful situation and seeing them come out the other end with vigour, energy, determination and peace.

Please share something you have learned:  

Everyone will need counselling support at some point in their lives. It scares me how ubiquitous an experience sexual abuse is for women.

What do you do outside of volunteering? 

I have a lot of animals, and have links with rescue centres from my previous career.

How has volunteering for CSASS impacted your life?  

It has given me a drive and a purpose. I knew counselling was what I wanted to do, but I never thought I would become so passionate about working with abuse survivors.

Top self-care tip during the Lockdown:  

Hugs with animals and a cake website called Sponge!

Is there anything else you would like to say about volunteering at CSASS?

I have volunteered for many organisations, but never have I been so supported, integrated, and a part of a genuine community. It truly is a different and amazing experience to be a part of such an impactful team.

Volunteering for CSASS

As a voluntary organisation, our services are delivered by volunteers, our campaigns carried out by volunteers, and all our work overseen by voluntary trustees. Our volunteer teams are supported, led and enabled by our lovely staff.

Interested?  There are loads of ways to get involved. Read more about it here, or contact us to request an application form.