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Testimonial: “This service has been invaluable to me”

Once survivors have got to the point when they feel they are ready to finish their counselling, we ask them to fill out a questionnaire about how they are feeling and what they think of the service. This is incredibly useful so that we can see where we are doing things right, and where there is room for improvement.

We love to read all the comments made, but especially when we see how much the service has helped them.

The work survivors do through counselling is incredible, and we are inspired by their strength and determination.

“Counselling allowed me to openly voice my problems and I never felt like my worries were trivial. It has not only helped me now but given me the tools to continue helping myself.

“It has given me a strong self-awareness and has helped me understand how my experiences have shaped who I am.

“It has taught me that I am in control of my future and that I deserve better than what I have experienced.

“I have been able to go into work more frequently and I have been able to make decisions about my own healthcare.

“This service has been invaluable to me. Without it, I believe the PTSD from the assault would have caused me to hurt myself or take my own life.”

  • CSASS Survivor

If you know someone who might benefit from counselling, then please encourage them to get in touch with us here.