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Update: CSASS Outreach Manager

Outreach Manager, Kaety Moon, has decided to move on from her role at CSASS, in order to focus more on her other 1:1 therapy work, and to be able to utilize her recent art therapy qualification, in a more direct way.

Kaety Moon CSASS Outreach Manager
Kaety Moon CSASS Outreach Manager

Kaety is so passionate about the work we do at CSASS, and she will be staying on to be part of our amazing volunteer team and to be involved in our work in the future.

So while we’re sad she’ll be leaving this role, we are really pleased we won’t be losing her.

Kaety has been leading Reaching Survivors, a three year project aiming to reach survivors of sexual violence and abuse with information, to raise awareness and to challenge behaviours leading to sexual violence. It involves working in partnership with community groups to reach and listen to survivors currently under-represented within our client group, and to develop new projects, services, campaigns or activities to meet survivor’s needs. The project has got off to a great start, with plenty to build on and plenty of opportunities for new ideas and approaches too.