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Testimonial: “The help I received from CSASS has enabled me to return fully to life”

“[A few years ago] I was sexually assaulted in my place of work, this devasted me and brought back trauma from my childhood. I entered the new year in fear, despair, anger and a myriad of emotions. I would wake up each day trying to figure out when would be a good time to die, I struggled to function, my work and studies suffered I stopped going to both, it was a daily battle to even get out of bed.

“I was diagnosed with trauma-related depression and anxiety and put on medication, I was offered counselling by my GP but there was a wait of about 10 weeks for assessment then a further possible three-month wait for six counselling sessions (I could have been dead by then).

“Having seen a poster for CSASS I rang them whilst having a monumental meltdown, Suzanne was amazing that day she gave me a glimmer of hope that there was help out there. After an initial assessment meeting, I was assigned a counsellor and began sessions. There was no limit to the sessions I was allowed which enabled me to fully commit to the process without fear of it ending before I was ready. The weekly sessions saved me, [my counsellor] not only listened but helped me to understand the emotions and feelings I was going through and gave me the tools to address and move on from past and present traumas and realise my own worth.

“The help I received from CSASS has enabled me to return fully to life. I am now well on the road to be the person I always was always meant to be, without the chains of past and present trauma holding me down. I feel empowered, enabled and excited for the future.

“I cannot express how grateful I am to all at CSASS the work they do is amazing and invaluable, the help and support they give has and is saving people like me every day.”

– CSASS Survivor

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