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Testimonial: A picture paints a thousand words

We always ask survivors to give us some feedback on the service once they are ready to end their counselling, but some people aren’t quite able to put into words how the counselling made them feel.

Instead of a written testimonial, one of our survivors has created this beautiful artwork for their counsellor, representing their relationship and how meaningful it is to their recovery.

The rose symbolises the love and care shared between the two, and the background colours show the warmth being given. We honestly feel like this perfectly represents the service and everything we set out to do, and we’re all very moved by this gift.

Whether you’re a recent counselling client, you’ve called the supportline, attended training, met us at an event, or browsed the website.  However you’ve encountered us, you can fill out our anonymous feedback form and let us know how we’ve helped, and how we can do better.