If you were sexually abused when you were a boy or are at present in a sexually abusive relationship and would like to talk about those experiences, then we are here for you.

Today there is much more understanding about the harm that can be done by not allowing emotions to be expressed. It is not uncommon now for men to be seen and heard expressing how they feel. Society is also changing in its attitudes to bringing up boys. It has become much more accepted that boys as well as girls need to feel able to talk about things that are worrying them.

But In the past boys were not generally encouraged to show their emotions. If you were brought up to “put up and shut up” then you may have experiences that you never dared talk about.

Keeping quiet does nobody any good!

But it is not only children who find it hard to speak out about sexual abuse. Adults who have been raped often choose not to report the offences. For lots of reasons, men who have been raped are even more likely to keep it a secret. You may have kept quiet but at the detriment of your health and wellbeing and relationships.

Remember, if you have experienced any form of sexual abuse or violence at any time in your life, it is not your fault. The fault lies with the person who abused you.

No one deserves to be raped or abused. Please don’t suffer in silence.

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