CSASS is developing ways of working together creatively to aid recovery. On Saturday, Emily from Survivors’ Knitwork travelled from Brighton to join our creativity and campaigning group. Together, we made great progress on our squares as we felt empowered to have pressure-free conversations. Fabia Bates, Director of Survivors’ Network, and one of the founders of Survivors’ Knitwork has explained the value of the Survivors’ Knitwork project as: ‘for many survivors the idea of being put in a situation where they have to talk can be enormously pressurised. The opportunity to come together in a supportive atmosphere, doing something practical and creative, can be a crucial first step in their healing journey’.

And so it proved on Saturday. Comments from those present included ‘it was great to have a space to come and be together as women’, and ‘lovely to get creative and raise awareness’. We look forward to our next meeting.

We also had the first session of our pilot multi-sensory art project last week: a participant reported an increased sense of well-being and a positive effect on her sleep patterns.

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