After six months in our new premises, it was about time we celebrated.

So with purple and gold tablecloths, platters of food generously donated by Marks and Spencer (via a gift voucher), and lots of cheery energy we had a great lunch time event today, open to all our supporters and stakeholders.

Information boards highlighted our ‘Men in Short Skirts’ campaign, demonstrating the thinking behind this campaign which is ongoing in different countries across the globe. We asked for people’s input. One comment which people particularly engaged with was a quote from a male skirted protestor in India who said that participating in such events helped teach his son about gender equality. ‘This march was very useful to convey to my son … there is no privilege in being a male’.

We were also able to share news about our counselling services, and that we are now regularly offering daytime appointments, and we emphasised our speedy referral process (usually two weeks max between first contact and the beginning of counselling), and the ways in which people can get in touch via our office phone number, via our email or via our helpline.

People went away with lots of beer mats, copies of our newsletter, posters, cards for their wallets or for friends and hopefully lots of good cheer too. Thanks lots to everyone, trustees, volunteers, supporters and those who popped by.

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