Truth Project

Today, CSASS attended a meeting about the Truth Project, which has recently started work. It was great to see at first hand the care with which they’ve ensured that anyone who visits them to share their experiences will be welcomed with sensitivity and empathy. If you’d like to find out more about the Truth Project, […]

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Work-based learning placement

Last week in the blazing sun we had a thank you picnic with our work-based learning placement student as she came to the end of her five week stint with us. Luckily it’s not goodbye, as she’s already a volunteer with us, but it’s been fab to have her working for us for 30 hours/week. […]

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Over the past month, 13 of us at CSASS have participated in Rape Crisis training modules, one of which involved learning more around the objectification of women. One of the participants noted that ‘training that is ongoing helps to re-affirm our own clarity as helpers so that we are free from confusion ourselves – this […]

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